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My work stems from my lifelong fascination with people watching, especially in the ordinary and everyday. I like to depict people at their most natural, maybe when they’re tired or bored, and when they display the least artifice.  I try to capture those moments that are fleeting, and yet so familiar to anyone who is part of the complex and wonderful machine we call The Human Race.  I find that, despite the fact that we are all individuals, we can’t help but recognise people that we know in the faces and behaviours of strangers, and, if we watch for long enough, we may even see ourselves.


  • Farida is an original limited edition collagraph printed on Fabriano Unica paper, and is part of my Standing Figures series of prints.

    It measures 550 x 330mm (image size 375 x 177mm) and is number five of an edition of five, and is signed and numbered accordingly.

    It is supplied unframed.



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