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My name is Jennifer Garthwright and I am an artist printmaker based in North West England. After studying graphic design and printmaking many years ago, I have recently rekindled my interest by becoming a member of the well-renowned Hot Bed Press Print Studio in Salford.

My work focuses primarily on the people I see around me. Although the characters in my work are fictional, they are based on the common elements that we recognise in each other - which means that viewers of my work are often moved to comment that they feel as though they 'know' the individuals portrayed.

I split my printmaking time between Hot Bed Press and my lovely, light home studio (hence The Lightbox!). Over the course of Lockdown, when travel to Salford was restricted, I was lucky enough to convert a mangle for home printing, and it is my pride and joy!

Screenshot 2023-04-15 195746.png

Most of my work uses the different techniques of etching, collagraph, and silkscreen. Each print is created individually by hand, and even though they are usually printed in multiples, known as an edition, there are subtle differences between each print. 


Open 2023 - Bury Art Museum

21st October 2023 - 3rd February 2024

Bury Art Museum & Sculpture Centre

Moss Street,

Bury BL9 0DR


Craft Open 2023 - Platform Gallery, Clitheroe

17th April - 2nd July 2023

Platform Gallery,

Station Road,

Clitheroe  BB7 2JT

Edition Printmakers' Summer Show

August 26th - September 4th 2022

Hot Bed Press,

The Casket Works,

Cow Lane,

Salford M5 4NB

Printers' Pie Exhibition - part of A Modest Show

June 16th-July 15th 2022

Hot Bed Press,

The Casket Works,

Cow Lane,

Salford M5 4NB

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